Stem Cell Therapy

All Natural Regenerative Medicine for dogs and cats

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Stem cell therapy is an all-natural regenerative medicine procedure that uses your pet’s own stem cells to recreate and rebuild certain tissues in the body. There is no ethical or moral concern with the use of stem cells from one’s own body because they are adult cells and not embryonic. As the body reaches adult maturity, these cells become dormant and “sleep” in the bone marrow, blood, and fat. We utilize the millions of stem cells that are in the adipose tissue (fat), wake them up, and allow them to turn into bone cells, cartilage, and other new tissues. This technique creates a healthy environment that physically re-grows and replaces damaged tissue, reduces inflammation, and thus relieves pain. We also offer the ability to overnight a portion of the processed stem cells to MediVet Biologics cryobanking facility in Kentucky for an additional 1 or more treatments, depending on the viability of the sample.

USES with 95% success rate:

*Osteoarthritis (hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, bone/joint calcifications, common degeneration, IVDD, and inflammation)

*Soft tissue injuries (cruciate injuries, tears, ruptures, inflammation)

*Accelerated healing of fractures with or without surgical repair

Compassionate use trial conditions that are showing exciting results: Degenerative myelopathy, feline gingivitis, end-stage renal disease, liver and kidney failure, auto-immune, inflammatory bowel disease, pulmonary fibrosis, IMHA, atopy, and spine trauma.

Compassionate use cases are offered on a case-by-case basis and if approved will receive a 50% discount on cryobanking and shipping.


Effective – Results will vary per pet. Osteoarthritis cases are showing a 95% success rate in mobility/lameness, pain level, and range of motion. Relief typically lasts between 18 – 24 months after the initial treatment, longer when treatment is sought at earlier stages.

Efficient – Stem cells are treating the source of the problem by becoming new tissue & replacing damaged tissue. Other treatments (NSAID or steroid therapy), are merely attempting to reduce symptoms and can have a negative effect on the body with long term use. Utilizing our cryobanking option is another example of the efficiency of the treatment, cutting down the number of surgeries and further treatments in your pet’s lifetime.


There are virtually NO negative side effects or chance of allergic reaction with the joint injections or the IV transfusion. The largest risk of the procedure is the surgical portion to collect the fat, as with any anesthetic procedure. However, the collection on a typical pet takes less than 20 minutes and is described as easier than a routine spay. Most anesthetics are metabolized through the liver and kidneys, your pet should be in ideal overall health to be considered a candidate for stem cell therapy. Another risk factor, especially in geriatric cases, is cancer. Cancer and stem cells do not mix! Once injected into the body, stem cells will develop into any inflammatory cells, if there is an underlying cancer it potentially will exacerbate the condition and create more cancer cells. There is no way to be 100% certain of this and there is always a risk – please discuss this with your doctor or technician.

Stem Cell Therapy includes: hospitalization – full day, stem cell injections, anesthesia, post pain injection, IV catheter, IV transfusion, medication to go home (antibiotic), nail trim, and an e-collar

What to Expect:

Check-in appointments are typically between 7:30 am and 9:30 am. Up to 30mL of blood is drawn from your pet for the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) portion of the therapy. Our trained staff uses specialized kits and equipment to make the whole blood into concentrated PRP over a few hours. Any additional things such as x-ray or any presurgical blood work will then be completed and we will prep your pet for surgery. The surgery is typically done between 10 – 11 am. A 4” incision is made on your pet’s abdomen and up to 40 grams of fat is removed to be made into useable mesenchymal stem cells. We will administer an NSAID injection to relieve any immediate pain or discomfort and wake your pet up from anesthesia. Your pet will be monitored by technicians in recovery while the cells are being processed for the injections. The process to scientifically make useable stem cells from adipose tissue (fat) takes about 5 hours and is done in the clinic. When that is complete (depending on the reason for the treatment), your technician will prep your pet for sterile joint injections and place an IV catheter. The doctor injects a specific portion of the stem cell mixture directly into the joints for direct regeneration. A portion of the cells will then be given over an extended time IV, like a blood transfusion. Studies have shown that the stem cells and PRP cells will travel throughout the body and help other problem areas as well. Your pet will go home with a broad-spectrum antibiotic to be given by mouth for about 7 days to prevent any joint infections and should not need to start back up on any previous medications – this will be discussed with you by your doctor or technician. When the treatment is complete, the technician will remove the IV catheter, check the final vitals on your pet, and make home care instructions that they will go over with you at pick up. You can plan on picking your pet up at 5:30 pm the same day.

Before the Procedure:

  • All pets should stop STEROIDS 14 days prior
  • All pets should stop all nonessential medications 7 days prior
  • All pets should stop NSAIDS 72 hours prior
  • Discuss with your doctor the benefits of adding a prescription diet
  • No food or water after 10 pm the NIGHT before and nothing in the MORNING
  • Consider all additional options to determine if they are right for your pet (See Below)


*Cancer Screen

The INCASE cancer screen checks for biomarkers in the bloodstream that can give us an idea if there is an increased cancer risk. This test is shipped to a lab in California and only run on Monday’s so it must be scheduled in advance of the stem cell procedure

*Pre-surgical blood work

In the clinic blood tests check organ function and make sure that the body is in an adequate position to handle an anesthetic procedure.


Setting a baseline of radiographic imagery will help determine what joint locations need to be injected if there is something other than routine arthritis that we may be dealing with, as well as monitor progress and growth changes over time.

*IV fluids during anesthesia

We already set an IV catheter and administer fluids with the IV transfusion in the evening of the procedure. Having this IV catheter in place during the surgical portion allows us to administer fluid support and manage blood pressure while your pet is under anesthesia. It will also help to flush the anesthesia out of the liver and kidneys for a quicker recovery.

*Cell banking

Includes shipping to Kentucky and 1 full year of cryobanking. This is paid separately on the day of the procedure by check or card information to MediVet Biologics.


Due to the need to overnight the cells on ice to and from Kentucky, initial stem cell therapies (collecting fat and injection #1) can only be scheduled on a Monday – Thursday. Reinjections can be done Tuesday – Friday. The recovery will require a next day recheck appointment, a 14-day suture removal appointment, and a recheck at 30 and 60-day intervals. Please make sure your schedule can accommodate these requirements so we can properly treat your pet.

Further Questions?

Never hesitate to contact us to discuss your case and have your questions answered. A message can be put in for your doctor or you can send an email any time to our practice leader/certified stem cell technician at