PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

All Natural Healing Alternative for dogs and cats

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PRP is blood plasma that contains concentrated amounts of platelets and growth factors. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties as well as pain-relieving properties and promotes healing. PRP is a non-surgical and advanced way of providing high doses of the body’s own healing factors directly to the area where they are needed. PRP can be used as a stand-alone method of treatment or to aid in other medical treatments for multiple ailments and injuries. It lasts in the pet’s system between 3-5 months – it can be repeated for chronic use cases or utilized as a single dose to help a pet heal from a wound or an injury. PRP is used in stem cell therapy and is considered to be an alternative to those patients that are not good candidates for stem cells (suspected or confirmed cancer).


Degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia, patella luxation, IVDD, arthritic changes & pain

and also…

Topical healing: including abscesses, hot spots, dog bite wounds, surgical incisions Internal healing: including fracture repair, ACL repair, foreign body removal or any surgical repair, soft tissue injuries, pancreatitis, routine surgical healing . . . and MORE!

DIFFERENCE between PRP and Stem Cells:

PRP has many of the same properties as stem cell therapy but is not a permanent regrowth like stem cells are. Stem cells travel throughout the body and RECREATE and REBUILD tissues, cells, and cartilage. PRP is the portion in stem cells that helps to heal, relieve pain, and will allow us to see results in just a couple of days! Stem cells themselves take 14-21 days to begin their work cycle and show results.

BENEFITS in using PRP:

Effective – Results have been documented in the first 24 hours in some cases and EVERY SINGLE owner has reported that their pet has become brighter, happier & more comfortable.

Affordable – A fraction of the cost of stem cell therapy and many surgeries.

Safe – The procedure is non-surgical and utilizes no drugs, it is created from your pet’s own blood. There are virtually NO negative side effects or chance of an allergic reaction.

Efficient – Can cut healing time from other surgeries and treatments in HALF, we have the ability to freeze and save leftover PRP in the clinic for up to 6 months for additional injections. The need for additional injections is based on your pet and the reason for the treatment – please discuss this with your doctor or technician.


  • PRP Treatment Initial
  • Hospitalization – Estimate
  • Post Pain Injection
  • Meds To Go Home
  • IV Catheter/IV Transfusion
  • In House Storage (OPTIONAL)

What to Expect:

Check-in appointments are typically between 7:30 am and 9:30 am – your pet can have food and water normally unless otherwise directed since there will be no anesthetic used. Up to 30mL of blood is drawn from your pet and then they will rest comfortably in a kennel while the PRP is processed. Our trained staff uses specialized kits and equipment to make the whole blood into concentrated platelet-rich plasma over a few hours. When that is complete (depending on the reason for the treatment), your technician will prep your pet for sterile joint injections and place an IV catheter. The doctor injects a portion of PRP directly into the joints and then your pet will get an NSAID injection to relieve any inflammation or immediate discomfort. A portion of the cells will then be given over an extended time IV, like a blood transfusion. Studies have shown that the PRP cells will travel throughout the body and help other problem areas as well. Your pet will go home with a broad-spectrum antibiotic to be given by mouth for about 7 days to prevent any joint infections and should not need to start back up on any of their previous medications – this will be discussed with you by your doctor or technician. When the treatment is complete, the technician will remove the IV catheter, check the final vitals on your pet and make home care instructions that they will go over with you at pick up. You can plan on picking your pet up at 5:30 pm the same day.

Before the Procedure:

  • All pets should stop STEROIDS 14 days prior
  • All pets should stop nonessential medications 7 days prior
  • All pets should stop NSAIDS 72 hours prior
  • Discuss with your doctor the benefits of adding a prescription diet

Further Questions?

Never hesitate to contact us to discuss your case and have your questions answered. A message can be put in for your doctor or you can send an email anytime to our practice leader/certified stem cell technician at